Janathon Day 5

I could really have done with a rest day today but I know that a rest day is not going to come for another 31 minus 5 days. Tonight I had planned to run with my Dad as he is following the runners world beginners plan. He drove to my house and then we ran for a minute and then walked for 90 seconds and repeated this 4 times, which took us over the bridge and into town, before turning round and running/walking back.

It was not as windy as it has been lately and there was no rain so it was a really lovely evening to be out running. My dad did really well and I am sure he will be ready to move up to the next level next week.


Distance: 1.41 miles

Time: 22:21

Ave Pace: 15:51

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1 Response to Janathon Day 5

  1. Jo365 says:

    Ah,a run with your Dad, how cool is that! I’m not sure I could persuade my dad to run he’s 75! Well done! Keep at it!

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