Janathon Day 4 – club run

I was a little worried about tonight’s run as it was so windy out there again. It was very very windy and I almost lost my favourite running hat as a massive lorry thundered by, but the run felt good! At about the half way point on the route we had to run up a really really long hill (longer then the long hill that you are imagining!) where I slowed right down, but my pace was ok throughout the rest of the run (my average pace stats don’t do it justice really).

After almost 4 miles we had a choice as some of the group were going to run down the hill and back to the rec and some of the group were going to carry on a bit further round before running up the hill to the rec. I surprised myself by choosing to take the longer route back! My legs were feeling fine so I was happy to carry on going. I didn’t even mind running in the wind and the rain as it meant that I didn’t get too hot as I ran.

The uphill bit back to the rec was a bit tough but I was pretty pleased with tonight’s run – definitely my best run of the year so far. Let’s hope it continues…



Distance: 5.62 miles

Time: 1:04:26

Ave Pace: 11:28


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4 Responses to Janathon Day 4 – club run

  1. fortnightflo says:

    Great pace – well done!

  2. abradypus says:

    Great run, and great definition of a really long hill. Made me smile.

  3. sarah says:

    wowza Suzie, you chose the long option?? Brilliant!

  4. runtezza says:

    Sounds a blast — shame about the hat!

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