Training week 6

As I am upping my long runs by a mile each week, today’s long run had to be 8 miles. Originally I was going to do it yesterday but when I heard that a group of people from my running club were doing their long runs today down the guided busway I thought I would join them. Even though they are much faster than me and most of them would be running much further, I hoped I would be a bit more motivated knowing that we would be on the same route. The guided busway is almost completely flat and you can see for miles, but a lot of it is unsheltered and it was really really windy. The wind made the run really tough, particularly on the way back when there was a massive head wind, but the sun was out too so at times the run was lovely and quite warm. I was glad that I was only wearing my parkrun t-shirt and shorts (and a hat in case the wind made my ears cold!).

I was so glad to make it back to the car after my Garmin told me that I finally did the 8 miles. On the plus side my hamstring felt completely fine and I finished the 8 miles pretty much on target, however I picked up a couple of blisters on the way so I need to work out why before my next long run.

After waiting a short while for the others to finish their runs, I offered everyone a piece of apple cake and apple flapjack that I made last night (I had some apples that needed using up). The recent training evening I went to stressed how important it is to eat something straight after a run so I thought the cake would be appreciated (and it was!).

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1 Response to Training week 6

  1. Well done on the 8 miler sooozie. I was thinking about you recently and wondering if you were doing the Janathon, so I guess not, but it looks like you are on a tough training programme anyway. Some interesting recipes – think I’ll give the cinamon stick soup a miss – LOL!
    I’m currently out of action with a damn cold!

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