January 2013 – In Training!

Last week I went to the training evening for the Cambridge Half Marathon that had been organised by the event organisers/promoters and Saucony. When I got there I had a bit of a chat with one of the experts about orthotics and then I went on the treadmill to make sure that my running shoes were still ok for me, as I will be wearing these on race day. Thankfully they said that they were completely fine which was a massive relief as I have only owned them for a couple of months so I really didn’t want to buy a new pair. We then went out into the cold and did an interval/effort session. I found it really tough and even the slow jog to and from the path where we were doing the intervals felt like a bit of a sprint for me, but I really enjoyed it (despite what I might have said during the intervals!). After this we went through lots of stretches, helped ourselves to some drinks and nibbles and then sat down for the workshops. They talked to us about nutrition, injury prevention, training and went through all of the information about the Half Marathon. We also got a technical ‘I am Training for the Cambridge Half Marathon’ t-shirt that I have already worn while training for the Cambridge Half Marathon. I definitely learned more in those few hours than I have over my last few years of running and it really got me thinking about eating better and training better.

As I am upping my long runs by a mile each week like I did for my last half marathon, I went out and did a 7 mile run in sub-zero snowy conditions down the guided busway at the weekend. It was hard and I did have to stop to stretch a lot more than I would have wanted, but I was so pleased (and a little surprised) that I stuck to the plan when it would have been so easy to cut the run short. I wonder if my run was helped by having soup for breakfast that morning?
half marathon training


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