Janathon Day 30 – club run

It was absolutely freezing tonight!

There was a massive turnout again at tonight’s club run and we split into two groups depending on what pace we wanted to do. There were about 7 or 8 of us in the slower group and there must have been at least 20 runners in the faster group.

We ran from the leisure centre up to Brampton at a fairly comfortable pace (although I picked up the pace a little when I was told that the bridge we were on was haunted!). After just over 2 miles we got to Brampton and we met up with the faster group who had waited for us, had a bit of a breather, and then ran back towards Huntingdon, up to the hospital and took the scenic route back towards the leisure centre. There were a couple of killer hills along the route where I slowed right down and I didn’t particularly like it when the rain turned to hail, but overall I really enjoyed it. I knew that the pace was slow but I was so pleased that I was able to run this distance after 30 consecutive days of running – especially as this is the longest run of the year so far! Lots of people in the club and at work have been really encouraging which has really helped me to stick with the Janathon. Hopefully the Janathon miles will help me to do more quality runs in February which should (hopefully) lead to a bit of improvement in my running!


Distance: 5.74 miles

Time: 1:03:33

Ave Pace: 11:04

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1 Response to Janathon Day 30 – club run

  1. Soozie

    Great distance for a penultamate Janathon run.

    Pace seems good to me – bit hard on yourself on your 30th consecutive run, particularly with the near 10k distance – mind you, sounds like your pace was helped a bit with the ‘haunted bridge’ story. Maybe that’s a tip I could think about when I’m flagging in some of my runs!

    Have a great finish today!


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