Janathon Day 29 – pub run!

After having a bit of a lazy day, I finally went out for a run with Tonyparkrunner at around 6pm this evening. I bought some trail shoes yesterday as my road shoes keep getting really muddy at the parkrun and the next frostbite is also likely to be very muddy, so I wanted to do a comfortable run in them tonight to break them in.

I wanted to run a bit further than just to the town bridge and back so we decided to do a bit of a pub run (i.e. running passed the pubs without actually going inside) as I hadn’t planned a route.

We went passed the Dolphin Hotel, passed the Tap Room and Nelsons head, then up to Floods and The Aviator, (we skipped the Seven Wives as per usual!) and turned right to go passed the back of Royal Oak, into town by the Robin Hood and the White Hart, along the river (close to the Oliver Cromell) and then back passed the Dolphin Hotel to run back home.

I could not believe that we had gone by all of those pubs and only ran 2.5 miles but it was a great way to take our minds off the running and the freezing cold to think about what route we could take to go passed as many pubs as possible and I wasn’t at all tempted (well, maybe a little!) to go inside any of them.


Distance: 2.5 miles

Time: 27:44

Ave Pace: 11:06

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3 Responses to Janathon Day 29 – pub run!

  1. Hi Soozie – 2.5 miles so late in the Janathon – great going, but was that 27’44”?

  2. sooozie says:

    yes – was just wishful thinking on my part!

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