Janathon Day 27 – the treadmill again

I went to the gym as late as possible again this evening when it would be quieter so I wouldn’t have to wait to use a treadmill. I got straight on to the treadmill in the corner that I usually use, plugged my headphones in so that I could listen to Eastenders and got going with the run.

Maths has never been my strong point and I have discovered that mental arithmetic is much harder to do while running at the same time. I find the treadmill really boring so I try to use it as little as possible, but as The Frostmeister suggested that I should start upping my mileage, I decided to do a minimum of 2 miles. The treadmill is set to km so I set the goal to how many kms I thought would be in 2 miles (I still don’t know the answer!). I was wrong but it was still further than yesterday’s run.

I also had an alert that came up on the treadmill screen warning me that my heart rate was too high! I was pretty pleased with this at the time as it felt like the treadmill had finally acknowledged that I was trying my hardest, but I suppose in the long term this might not be a good thing!


Distance: 1.55 miles

Time: 15:56

Ave Pace: 10:17

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1 Response to Janathon Day 27 – the treadmill again

  1. TheFrostmiester is impressed! If you do 3.3km you will have easily done 2 miles (thank goodness for google). So, into the last 4 runs – I’m guessing you’ll be parkrun ning tomorrow, and then the last 3 have got to be on road surely?
    Good luck, keep it up!

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