Janathon Day 26 – a quick run

Still feeling pretty sick this evening (and I am not really sure why) so I didn’t join the beginners at the club. It was also getting a bit too late to go to the gym so my only other option was to go for a short run into town and back.

It was raining pretty hard by the time I was ready to go so I knew I was only going for a short run. I turned back once I reached the Indian restaurant which was just under half a mile away which meant that I had to do a few laps on the road around the really small field (altho’ I’m not sure it is big enough to qualify as a field) outside my house to make it up to a mile. I thought that I was taking it easy and felt quite slow so was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my pace when I got home.

I also stopped feeling sick when I had got back from my run – maybe my body was complaining that I hadn’t been out for a run for over 12 hours!


Distance: 1.02 miles

Time: 10:16

Ave Pace: 10:04

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1 Response to Janathon Day 26 – a quick run

  1. Come on Sooozie, just a few days left…you CAN do it. More miles tomorrow.

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