Janathon Day 25 – club run

I was enjoying tonight’s run for the first couple of miles. My legs felt relatively fine (considering it is my 26th consecutive day of running) and my breathing had settled down and I stuck to a comfortable pace. It was supposed to be a tempo session where the run was supposed to be ‘comfortably hard’ but I confess I took more note of the comfortable bit than the hard bit. I also have to confess that I bailed out after just over 3 miles as I had tummy ache – am so disappointed as I know I had another couple of miles left in my legs tonight.

Only a few more runs left this month to top up my Janathon miles.


Distance: 3.96 miles

Time: 42:23

Ave Pace: 10:42

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1 Response to Janathon Day 25 – club run

  1. Well you might have ‘bailed out’, but you did 4 miles on your 26th day!
    Keep it up only 5 more runs – and a parkrun on Saturday?
    Save those 2 miles for the 31st and go out on a high.

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