Janathon Day 23 – club run

I didn’t stretch yesterday. Even though it was a really short run I am really regretting not stretching as I really struggled tonight.

Tonight was an effort session with the club. We ran for about a mile to a massive hill in Huntingdon. The faster group ran down one side of the hill and the slower group ran down the other side of the hill. When we met at the bottom we turned round and ran back up the hill only to run down the other side, then back up and repeat a few times! Stiff calves meant that I didn’t put a lot of effort in as I am worried about getting injured and then all of the hard work I have put in this month will be a waste, but I banked another 4.6 miles and ticked off another Janathon run!


Distance: 4.6 miles

Time: 53:03

Ave Pace: 11:30

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1 Response to Janathon Day 23 – club run

  1. Good one Sooozie
    Keep it up!

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