Janathon Day 22 – a quick run

I spent a lot of today in Folksworth looking after my niece and nephew while my sister and a load of other BRJ runners and parkrunners ran the Folksworth 15 mile race. It is a 2 lap course so it was good to see the runners twice along the course and cheer them on. It was so windy out there and it was a hilly course but they all did really really well.

My run had to wait until the evening so at about 7pm I headed out with Tonyparkrunner for the short run to the town bridge and back. I started out at a fairly slow pace to test out my legs but then picked up the pace on the way back home and had a little sprint finish. I was hot, very out of breath and a pretty high heart rate but I felt really good. Although it was only a short run (the same route that I did a lot in the Janathon 2011) it was the fastest ever average pace I have ever done when running outside!

I recommend the Janathon to everyone!!


Distance: 1.34 miles

Time: 13:16

Ave Pace: 9:54

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1 Response to Janathon Day 22 – a quick run

  1. runtezza says:

    Quality not quantity is what counts! Sounds like a good run.

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