Janathon Day 21 – Cambridge parkrun

Today I ran my 40th parkrun so only another 10 until I get my 50 t-shirt! I ran the parkrun with my 11 year old niece Amie. Amie sometimes only runs the small lap and 1 out of the 2 bigger laps of the course and does not run the whole 5k so I knew it might be a little tricky trying to encourage her to finish it today.

We decided that we would run as far as we could without stopping and then once she needed to walk then we would run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 minute and repeat this the whole way round, unless this felt too easy then we would run for longer. This seemed to work really well although I know she can run for longer than 3 minutes, but it meant that she was happy to keep going.

Amie got so much encouragement from the other runners and volunteers as we ran round – it was really nice to hear.

After overtaking a few other people we made it all the way to the finish in a time of 39:52 – this is Amie’s best time for months so I would class it as a comeback pb!


Distance: 5km

Time: 39:52

Ave Pace: 12:49

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