Janathon Day 20 – the treadmill again

Friday has always been the hardest night to go out for a run as there is no club run and most others I know have better things to do on a Friday night! So Friday night is gym night. I got there just after 8pm as it is always a bit quieter at that time in the evening.

I jumped straight onto the treadmill, set the distance to 2km and just got on with it. After every few minutes I cranked up the speed as I kept thinking that the quicker I got it done then the quicker it would be done!

It was so hot in there and I was properly sweating but I still got faster and faster throughout the (very short) run.

During my run the man who works in the gym came round to sweep up the mud from the floor, particularly near the end of the treadmill I was on, which reminded me that I either need to properly clean my running shoes or buy a second pair to use in the gym.

I couldn’t believe it when I finished 2km in 12:15 and had an average pace of under 10 minute miles! I will have to check back through my blog but I am sure that is the first time I have ever had an average pace as quick as this! Am well happy!

Let’s see how my legs hold out at the Cambridge parkrun tomorrow!


Distance: 2km

Time: 12:15

Ave Pace: 9:53  🙂

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