Day 17 – the treadmill again

I went to the gym straight after work today ready to do a couple more km on the treadmill. I got there just after 6pm and it was completely packed in there. I had to wait around for a bit until a treadmill was free for me to use. Once a treadmill was available I jumped on it and got the run over and done with. Just like yesterday I tried to speed up in the last couple of minutes like I would do in a race and was relieved when it slowed down once I had done 2k.

Tired calves meant that I had to do lots of stretching before moving onto the weights, but I didn’t hang around for long as people were queuing to use each bit of equipment and it seemed to be getting busier and busier.

After using the gym I watched the circuit training session that was going on in the main hall. It looked like fun compared what I had been doing in the gym and it seemed to be really popular. I might look into this if when I complete the Janathon.


Distance: 2km

Time: 13:17

Ave Pace: 10:43

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1 Response to Day 17 – the treadmill again

  1. lengthorn says:

    I hear a lot about gyms being busy at the mo – the new year resolutions will soon fail!

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