Janathon Day 16 – the treadmill again

I was supposed to go running with the club tonight, but my calves were really tight and it was absolutely freeeezing out there. I was happy to go to the gym again though and have a go on the treadmill as I knew that it would be lovely and warm in there. I was just about to put my running shoes on to head out when I remembered that they were still caked in mud after yesterdays frostbite race which was mostly off road.

I did my best to scrape off the mud and hoped that they would look clean enough once I got to the gym. It was packed in there but luckily there was a treadmill free so I could get straight on it to get my Janathon run over and done with.

Whenever I run I mostly listen to Audiofuel to keep me running at a fairly consistent pace as I run to the beat of the music. Today I chose to listen to some different music, but I struggled as I naturally tried to run to the beat, which meant that I had to keep adjusting the speed of the treadmill. Audiofuel definitely seems to work at keeping me running.

I set the treadmill to stop after 2km and this seemed to come fairly quickly which was a relief as I really needed to stretch my calves. Once I caught my breath I stepped off the treadmill to do a few weights and I noticed that there was a small pile of dirt on the floor at the end of the treadmill. Oops – at least my trainers are a bit cleaner now though!


Distance: 2km

Time: 13:03

Ave Pace: 10:31

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