Janathon Day 12 – beginners running course

I arrived at the leisure centre just before 7pm, ran up the stairs and opened the door to Leo’s Funzone to see a huge group of people who had signed up for the club’s 8 week beginner’s running course. I couldn’t believe how many people there were! I was paired up with Bren and we had a group of 9 runners who were complete beginners, so we went on a short circular route around Huntingdon. We ran for 1 minute, walked for 90 seconds and repeated it about 9 times, just as I had been doing with my Dad last week.

I stayed right at the back to offer advice and encouragement to the slower runners while Bren stayed at the front of the group and was a brilliant leader. He also showed the group how to stretch properly after the run and we encouraged them to go out for another couple of runs before the next session.

I really enjoyed it and it was a much better option than going out for another solo run. I hope they all turn up for the run next Thursday.


Distance: 1.91 miles

Time: 28:25

Ave Pace: 14:51

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