Janathon Day 11 – running solo

Instead of running with the club tonight I chose the easy option of just running the very short route into town and back. My foot is feeling much better but I still want to take it easy so that I can rest it a bit before Sunday’s frostbite race.

I went out for the run as soon as I got home from work so I didn’t give myself the opportunity of delaying the run or talking myself out of it. It also meant that I could get out and back just in time for Hollyoaks! It was quite warm outside, although I still like to wear my running gloves and long running tights (as it is still the middle of winter) along with my new bright pink jacket, really muddy trainers (from Day 2 of the Janathon) and my mismatched shoe laces.

Tomorrow I will be running with the club to help with the new beginners course – I am looking forward to it (as I have heard that lots of people have signed up) although a little nervous too (as I have heard that lots of people have signed up)!


Distance: 1.34 miles

Time: 14:03

Ave Pace:  10:29

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