Janathon Day 10 – running with Dad

After work my Dad came round to kick off week 2 of his beginners training plan. Tonight we ran for 2 minutes and walked for 1 minute and repeated this 7 times. I set my Garmin so that it bleeped after every interval so that I didn’t have to try and keep track of the number of intervals or length of the run and this made it so much easier. Once again my Dad did really well although the minute walk wasn’t quite long enough for him to fully recover before running again. Hopefully he will find it easier when he does this again later in the week.

Tomorrow I hoped to run between 5 and 6 miles with the club but I am still a little worried about my foot. It does feel a bit better today. I am hoping that it is just because my lock laces have worked themselves tight as I run, so I have swapped 1 of them back to normal laces. I really hope this sorts it out. Instead tomorrow I will run into town and back, hopefully at a good pace, and then I will run with the club on Thursday.


Distance: 1.36 miles

Time: 21:00

Ave Pace: 15:26

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1 Response to Janathon Day 10 – running with Dad

  1. fortnightflo says:

    Think its brill waht your doing with your dad – tell him well done from me!

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