Huntingdon 10k!

I was really nervous about today’s race but kept telling myself that it would be much easier than last week’s failure. There were lots of us from the BRJ running club, including my sister. We haven’t really done the same races as, with her marathon training she usually goes for the longer ones. It was good knowing that she was there. My dad was also there – it is the first time he has seen me run, and it was good knowing that he was there especially as it was father’s day.

Tonyparkrunner planned to run the race and then come back for me like he did at the Eye 10k. It was really helpful knowing that I just had about 5 miles to run by myself and then another mile alongside Tonyparkrunner.

It was a really hot day and the route was quite a bit different to what I ran last week. After a couple of miles I started to relax a bit and really didn’t care what pace I was doing. Knowing that there was no pressure to keep up with anyone else made it so much more enjoyable.

Inevitably this meant that it was a slow time (I did walk a few times) but I was really pleased that I could go out and do a run and enjoy it a bit.


Distance: 6.25 miles

Time: 1:12:39

Pace: 11:37

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