Running in March

During the month of March I tried to go out for a run 3 times a week – 1 run at the Cambridge parkrun on Saturday mornings and 2 runs with the BRJ road running club. However I only managed to run the Cambridge parkrun once this month but I did manage to set a new pb with a time of 32:04  (this was 16 seconds quicker than the pb I set at the end of January). I know that I should be running faster than this but I am pleased that I am heading in the right direction.

This month was really all about training for my first 10k. I had signed up for the Thorney 10k as I needed a goal to aim for. The website said that it was a flat course which was good for beginners so it sounded ideal – it was also on my 29th birthday so it would be a double celebration if I did well. I had never run that distance before so I was a bit worried that I would end up walking a lot of it and coming last. In preparation I ran with the club every Monday and a couple of Wednesdays and we usually did about 5 miles. A couple of weeks before the 10k I was really beginning to worry, so one Monday instead of heading back to the rec with the others after running just under 5 miles, I carried on going with Tonyparkrunner until we had clocked up 10k. It felt hard as it meant going up a hill but it was such a boost knowing that I could run 10k! I did it in a time of 1:09:40 but without the Huntingdon hills I was sure that I would be able to improve on this in Thorney.

Come race day on my birthday I was ridiculously nervous! Tonyparkrunner had also signed up for the Thorney 10k and had agreed to run with me, even though he can do a 10k in about 50 minutes. Everyone was really friendly and joking (?) about which one of us was going to come last and I also recognised a few familiar faces from the Cambridge parkrun and a couple of others from the BRJ running club. The course was nice and flat
as they described and there were a couple of bits where we had to loop back so we got encouragement from the speedy runners coming in the opposite direction and then we did the same to slower runners as we looped back. The last mile I found really difficult and the last half mile I found really really difficult, so I did end up walking some of it, but I was able to pick up the pace a bit when the finish line was in sight. I finished in a time of 1:06:16 (average pace 10:41) and I got a Thorney 10k mug for my efforts! I was really pleased to have done it and really pleased with my time, so I went home and signed up for the Eye 10k and the Huntingdon 10k! I now have a time to beat. Thanks to Tonyparkrunner for being patient enough to run with me!

Stats for March
Number of Runs: 7 (1 x parkrun, 1 x 10k race, 4 x club runs, 1 x effort session)

Total Time: 5.9 hours

Total Distance: 32.1 miles

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2 Responses to Running in March

  1. shazruns says:

    Well done on this 10k and hope you get continued PB’s in the next 2 too.

  2. abradypus says:

    I love the mug – so much more useful than a medal. Enjoy your April running.

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