Wednesday Night Club Run

I have started to realise that this running thing might be a bit therapeutic. I had a bit of a horrible day at work on Monday and probably last Monday as well, but as soon as I went out for a run I had completely forgotten about all of the horribleness and I got home feeling pleased with myself for getting out there and trying to improve my running.

Tonight we were meant to be doing effort sessions and I was kind of looking forward to this as I am really wanting to improve my pace. The group decided against this though as some of them were not feeling great so we did almost the same route that I did on Monday with the beginners. Once again I felt ok for about the first 3 miles and then found it really tough the rest of the way. I wonder if I am getting more used to running 3 miles because of the parkruns, so anuything further than this feels difficult. I should start to get better though as I am doing about 4 or 5 miles twice a week now.

It was nice to cross paths with my sister and her boyfriend while we were running around the ring road. I saw them running towards us as they were doing their marathon training. They ran almost twice as far as we did tonight (and probably twice as fast!) – I don’t know how they do it!

It was nice to hear people say at the end of the run that I seem to be improving. It is difficult for me to tell as if there is any improvement then it has been a gradual thing. I will try and keep it up though!


Distance: 4.32 miles

Time: 47:45

Pace: 11:03

Calories: 556

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2 Responses to Wednesday Night Club Run

  1. sarah says:

    well done suzie! you can treat the parkrun as an effort session……you could do it as a fartlek? We ran twice as far but definitely not fast!

  2. runorgocrazy says:

    3 miles is fab and just from reading your blog, I can tell you’re improving, keep going girl!

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