Week 4 of beginners course

I went to the Cambridge parkrun but my knee was feeling really uncomfortable so I decided to watch it instead. Sunday was spent watching and cheering people on in another run! Some of the BRJ runners took part in the Frostbite Friendly League in Bourne. We were a bit thin on the ground and I felt a little bad for not taking part, but I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy the race so decided against it. It was really good to watch my sister finish the race in a fanatastic time and get herself another pb. It just shows what you can achieve if you put the effort in and believe that you can do it.

Tonight it was week 4 of the beginners running course with the BRJ club and we were aiming to do 5 miles. I managed to stick with the other runners for the first 2.5 miles but then I struggled to get my breathing right so I started to slow a bit. I felt a little frustrated as the others kept having to loop back for me, but I knew that my running had been improving even if I wasn’t able to stick with the pack for the last couple of miles.

The last hill towards the rec was a welcome site – I managed to stay with the group up this bit so we all finished together which was a nice feeling. I am pretty happy with the stats below as I was a bit quicker tonight, even though we ran a bit further. Hopefully this will improve even more after doing the effort session with the club on Wednesday.


Distance: 4.74 miles

Time: 52:35

Pace: 11:05

Calories: 614

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5 Responses to Week 4 of beginners course

  1. fortnightflo says:

    Wow – awesome pace soozie well done!!

  2. abradypus says:

    …and a great distance. Beginners in Cambridge are obviously made of stern stuff!

  3. shazruns says:

    Ditto above, keep it up look forward to reading how wednesday night goes

  4. sarah says:

    Brilliant, well done! x

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