Janathon Day 31

I have done it! I have run 31 days in a row! I have completed the Janathon!!!!

Tonight I ran with the BRJ club again for the beginners course. We upped the distance again and was aiming for 4.5 miles but we came in just under this. I did find it hard tonight as it was the furthest I have run all month but I was really happy afterwards as I knew that it meant that tomorrow is a rest day! Strangely though, my pace tonight was exactly the same as it was last Monday. I promise that this pace will be better next Monday!

I was wondering today if I had learned anything from doing the Janathon and I came up with quite a few things, but as it is quite late and I am tired I can’t really remember what they were! Here are a couple of thoughts anyway:

1. I can run. So far I have proved that I can run over 4 miles without stopping.

2. Running is so much easier with other people.

3. If I put effort into my running then I can improve, especially if I tell myself that I can do it.

4. People at the running club are really friendly and are happy to help if they see that I am putting a bit of effort in.

5. Running every day is really hard! Challenge completed though!

I am hoping to come back and read this again if I start struggling again wonder why I go out and run!!

Anyways, thanks to everyone for their kind comments and giving me encouragement along the way and well done to everyone who has completed the Janathon.


Distance: 4.34 miles

Time: 48:30

Pace: 11:11

Calories: 560

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4 Responses to Janathon Day 31

  1. runorgocrazy says:

    Well done! 31 day in a row! You are amazing!

  2. kathryn says:

    Oh good work Sooozie. You can most definitely run. I’m still not 100% sure about running with people, but I do agree that the people at Running Club are very friendly and encouraging – it’s one of the good things that’s come out of Janathon for me.

    Well done on completing the 31 days, doesn’t it feel good!

  3. sarah says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Well done!! I feel very proud of you! x

  4. abradypus says:

    Congratulations! The club run sounds like a good way to have rounded off your Janathon, and over four miles on your 31st consecutive run is impressive. Enjoy your rest day.

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