Janathon Day 30

So, this time tomorrow I will have completed Janathon 2011!!!!!!!!!

There have only been a handful of times this month (actually perhaps a couple of handfuls) that I really have not wanted to go out for a run. Tonight was another 1 of those occasions as I felt like I had earned a rest day after my pb at the parkrun yesterday. I put tonight’s run off for as long as I could before telling myself that I would only be doing the short run into town so I wouldn’t be out for long. That is exactly what I did and I was back home just over 12 minutes later.

I was happy with my pace tonight. My mind was occupied with thinking about my run with the club tomorrow. I am going to try really hard to keep up with the others in the group (even though I know someone will stay back with me no matter what pace I do) and have a good run. Hopefully the other Janathoners will enjoy their last day of the Janathon too.


Distance: 1.22 miles

Time: 12:34

Pace: 10:20

Calories: 152

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1 Response to Janathon Day 30

  1. sarah says:

    well done for getting it done!

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