Janathon Day 26

I didn’t make it to the running club this evening. I have been really tired and a bit stressed this week as I have an assignment due in first thing Friday morning and this has to take priority over running. I got into my running gear straight after work but really didn’t feel like going outside. It got later and later and at about 9pm I put my ipod on, put on my trainers, hat, gloves and garmin and went for it.

After a couple of minutes the wind really picked up and it was horrible. Tonight was the first time this year that I really didn’t want to be out there. I decided to run towards town for half a mile and then turn round and head back home as fast as I could. You can see from my stats that this wasn’t actually very fast.

Am feeling really sick now that I am home.

Sorry for all of the moaning on here today – I will try harder tomorrow (as long as I get my assignment finished).


Distance: only 1 mile

Time: 10:54

Pace: 10:53

Calories: 125

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2 Responses to Janathon Day 26

  1. sarah says:

    Your pace was good Suzie, faster than you have been doing. Consider it a short speed work session. You have to run anyway so you may as well make it earlier rather than later when it’s slightly less cold and windy. You’ll be able to concentrate better on your assignment then rather than thinking about when you will fit the run in. Well done for going out x

  2. abradypus says:

    Just remember that if it wasn’t Janathon, you wouldn’t have gone out at all. Then bask in the glow of smugness that you feel for getting out and running a mile. 🙂

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