Janathon Day 24

Tonight I ran with the BRJ road running club – this is my third week of the beginner’s running course. We have been slightly increasing the distance each week so tonight we planned to run 3.5 miles without walking. I managed to keep up with the others for the first part of the run, but as soon as we got to an uphill bit I was completely worn out and couldn’t catch my breath. After this point I was pretty far behind the rest of the group for the rest of the run. Thanks to Nigel though for sticking with me and encouraging me to keep going.

We ended up doing just over 4 miles (and only with 1 sneaky walking break while I caught my breath). My pace was pretty steady for the first 3 miles but then I seemed to slow right down on the last mile as I started to struggle by this point.

Even though I couldn’t keep up with the main group for long I am still happy to have done 4 miles in a pace that I wouldn’t have been able to do a couple of weeks ago.


Distance: 4.03 miles

Time: 45:03

Pace: 11:11

Calories: 510

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5 Responses to Janathon Day 24

  1. shazruns says:

    I think most of us Janathoners have noticed an improvement in fittness and speed recently must be down to Janathon at a guess. Well done for todays run it sounds like hard work

  2. stephenamp says:

    Hey that’s great, you’re coming on brilliantly. Good on you for not taking the short cut 🙂

  3. fortnightflo says:

    Fab pace – muc improved!! Isn’t running club great??

  4. sarah says:

    Well done Suzie. Great distance and pace! The discomfort of pushing yourself pays off. And…..you burned loads of calories 🙂

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