Janathon Day 21

Only another 31 minus 21 runs to go!!! The end is in sight!!!

It was sooo cold out there tonight. My laptop said that it was below freezing  and there were some really slippery patches outside. I did my usual 1.3 miles up the road, passed the garage, passed the Indian restaurant, over the bridge and up to the no entry sign at the old bridge just as you get to town. This is a really straight bit of road so once I get passed the garage I can pretty much see the bridge and how far I have left to run. I ran at a slow pace tonight and it is probably my first run ever where I just relaxed and it felt easy. Hopefully this means that I am getting a little fitter.

This morning I went to the doctors to speak to them about my runners knee that I had before Christmas and because of my sore shins. I wanted to get something sorted before they got any worse as my sister really suffered with shin splints. He was very unhelpful  and he said that orthotics would probably not help me – even though he obviously had no idea what they were. Eventually he agreed to refer me and he also gave me a note to get my knee x-rayed. I guess that I should probably wait for my runners knee to flair up again before having the x-ray?

I spent the rest of the day with my sister and my 3 week old niece, which was really nice, and then went home and made flapjack .


Distance: 1.3 miles

Time: 15:14

Pace: 11:41

Calories: 163

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6 Responses to Janathon Day 21

  1. sarah says:

    Suzie, please please bring some flapjack to the parkrun tomorrow!

  2. fortnightflo says:

    mmmmm that looks really tasty – please bring some on the 12th feb!!

  3. stephenamp says:

    Watch you don’t eat it too close to the parkrun – something so scrummy looking should never be the cause of cramp! I’ve had knee troubles too and the only solution I found was to stop running as often and stop running as far. :/ Hope you get a bit of luck down the medical route!

  4. shazruns says:

    I LOVE flapjacks. Hope Parkrun is good enjoy the breakfast I know I would rather have that than the special K I will eat

  5. Jogalog says:

    mmm. Flapjack for breakfast. Sounds like great pre-run eating. Hope the knee gets sorted soon.

  6. abradypus says:

    Rest, ice and compression… and flapjack.

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