Janathon Day 19

I can’t believe that we are already on day 19!! Not many runs left this month to complete the Janathon. 2 of these will be parkruns and at least 2 runs will be with the BRJ running club so I am hoping that it will be plain sailing from here.

Tonight my legs were feeling heavy so I just did the short run up to the bridge in town and back. I listened to a bit more of the marathon talk podcast as I ran and got up to the bit with the interview with Liz Yelling. I wonder if I will ever do a marathon 1 day (decided already, it’s a no!). Only about half way through the first episode of the podcast so it looks as though it is going to last me quite a long time.

I am planning on doing two more short runs this week so that I can try and give it everything I have got in the parkrun on Saturday.


Distance: 1.24 miles

Time: 13:45

Average Pace: 11:07

Calories: 158

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4 Responses to Janathon Day 19

  1. abradypus says:

    I would like to have done a marathon, but not enough to do a marathon, if that makes any sense 😉

    • sooozie says:

      Yes, I know exactly what you mean!

      • fortnightflo says:

        me too – I keep entering each year – I reckon I’ll be scared sh!tless if I do ever get in. I get all caught up in the moment at the London Marathon (I go to watch it every year) and that feeling lasts long enough to apply the following day as that’s when the ballot opens…hm must stop going to watch!

  2. sarah says:

    You will do one one day Suzie! If I can do it, anyone can!! Keep up the good running x

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