Janathon Day 18

I had the day off work today as I have to get an assignment written for next week. I had a dentist appointment at lunch time and decided to spend all afternoon on the assignment, so this meant that I had the whole morning to go out for a run and then log and blog it.

Some of you might have gathered from my previous blogs that I am not a morning person. I didn’t sleep too well last night (that runner insomnia thing that seems to be affecting the Janthoners?) so I got up quite late. In the end I only had time for a really short run today which was out passed the field until I reached the furthest bus stop and then turned round and headed back home. At least the pace was a little bit quicker than what I have been doing lately.

I listened to a podcast as I ran today to see if it would take my mind off the run and any aches I was going to have. I downloaded the marathon talk one that I had seen on someone’s blog. Today’s podcast featured Liz Yelling (not that I am going to do a marathon and not that I ran for long enough to hear Liz Yelling on the podcast!). I think that it did help a bit as I was concentrating on what they were saying – I will definitely try this again.

I am running by myself again tomorrow so it is likely to be another short one!


Distance: 1.15 miles

Time: 12:35

Pace: 10:54

Calories: 147

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2 Responses to Janathon Day 18

  1. shazruns says:

    Must look in to that podcast must be better than the vanessa feltz I listened to today, anything actually would be better, listening to paint dry would even be better!

  2. sarah says:

    Great pace, well done.

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