Janathon Day 16

Yay – we are now over half way through the Janathon! I am pretty happy (and very surprised!) that I have managed to run every day for 16 days! There is no reason why I can’t keep this up for the rest of the month – I might even start increasing my mileage!

Today was the Ramsey Frostbite (a race in the Frostbite Friendly League). It is a 5 mile race across fields and through mud which I would have hated so I was happy to watch from the sidelines and cheer the runners on.

As I am running with the club tomorrow and as I had a terrible run yesterday, today I did my usual short route into town and back with Tonyparkrunner cycling alongside me, as his legs were aching from the frostbite run. It felt easy today so I tried to pick the pace up on the way back and then again when I got near my house. Once I got home and did a few stretches, I downloaded the stats from my Garmin to see what my average pace was. It was not as good as I was expecting but a little bit of improvement nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone for their encouraging comments after my disastrous efforts at the parkrun yesterday. I am going to try and put a little more effort into my runs now that we have reached the second half on the Janathon!


Distance: 1.34 miles

Time: 15:09

Pace: 11:21

Calories: 167


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2 Responses to Janathon Day 16

  1. shazruns says:

    You are doing well, still running every day thats what its all about. February is speed month I’ve decided.

  2. sarah says:

    I feel a celebratory run is in order for getting so far!

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