Janathon Day 14

Are we half way through yet?

Today I went for a run as soon as I got home from work. I was a bit worried as I was leaving my runs later and later in the evening so everything else (eating, logging and blogging) was getting later and later too, making me quite tired the following day.

I had forgotten how wet it was outside yesterday. I soon remembered when I put my trainers on (squelch – yuk!) but I soon didn’t notice it once I started running. I did the same route again tonight, just up to the bridge and back, but I ran on the other side of the road. This meant that I was overlooking the river (which was a field a couple of days ago before all of the rain) with some swans in it. On the way back I was feeling ok and much better than I felt yesterday so I just kept jogging along at an ok pace until I reached home. I know that I could have gone further tonight and probably could have done another couple of miles, but I wanted to make sure that I would be ok for the parkrun tomorrow. Hopefully my trainers will have dried out by the morning.


Distance: 1.34 miles

Time: 15:33

Pace: 11:34

Calories: 167

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3 Responses to Janathon Day 14

  1. Jogalog says:

    Well done. We’re nearly half-way. Or we will be once the weekend’s over and the weekend is definitely easier than the week, at least for me.

  2. sarah says:

    Great! Well done. Sometimes it’s just better to get things done so you don’t worry about it all evening….and then have to do it anyway! Often the anticipation is worse!

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