Janathon Day 12

This morning I woke up and my shoulder was completely fine! After swinging my arms around madly just to double check, I was really pleased that my mysterious shoulder injury had gone just as quickly as it had came.

Tonight I ran with some of the others from the BRJ club. It is just an informal thing on Wednesdays as the main run is on the Monday (or on a Tuesday or Thursday for the speedy lot). There were about 10 of us there tonight all dressed in our high vis tops and flashy arm bands. The route tonight was up the hill (I nearly turned back once I had reached the top which was less than a mile but I was encouraged to stay with the group – thanks Victoria!) and then through the industrial estate passed all the parked up lorries. By this stage my legs were starting to feel quite tired so I left the group to run the rest of the little loop which took me back up towards the rec while they did the bigger loop passed the hospital and the train station before heading back. I only had to wait at the rec for about 20 minutes or so while the others did a few more miles – this wouldn’t have been too bad if the bar had been open!

I feel glad with tonight’s run but my shins are starting to feel a little sore. Hopefully the ice pack will sort this out ready for tomorrow’s short run.


Distance: 2.69 miles

Time: 30:16

Average Pace: 11:15

Calories: 342

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2 Responses to Janathon Day 12

  1. abradypus says:

    Shins seem to be a common complaint, reading the blogs. Hope yours recover after a night’s sleep.

  2. fortnightflo says:

    Congrats on getting out there and woohooo to the shoulder injury mysteriously disappearing…I think it’s our bodies way of having a little moan about all the exercise, when it realises you’re not listening it gives up and goes back to being fine!

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