Janathon Day 11

A few people have recommended that I take a rest day, but I have £30 riding on this so the rest day will have to wait another couple of weeks. I know that they are probably right, particularly as I now have a shoulder injury but you know what it is like when someone tells you not to do something!

I had my geology exam today which meant that I had a 140 mile round trip just to sit the 2 hour exam. Thanks for everyone’s support – I am sure (I think) that I passed it. I didn’t go for a run until late and by this time it was quite cold outside and I could hardly move my shoulder or my arm. I found running a real struggle as it is tricky trying to run while only being able to swing one of my arms. I am really hoping that it gets better in the next few days.

Tomorrow I am planning on running with the club again. The plan is to do an effort session which will mean doing a bit of sprinting up and down the footway somewhere. It will be good to do a different route and add a bit of variety to the runs and could even help me to improve my pace.


Distance: 1.33 miles

Time: 15:37

Average Pace: 11:43

Calories: 165

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4 Responses to Janathon Day 11

  1. stephenamp says:

    We were having a discussion about this the other day actually – would running be a lot harder if you only had one arm?? You’ve gone a little towards answering it… you still have the weight and balance of your injured arm but even not swinging it causes problems! So yes, yes it would!! Well done on another day logged – the £30 is within touching distance… after a little run 😀

  2. sarah says:

    Well done Suzie. Perhaps go to the doctors but if not take ibuprofen regularly. I hope you have fun tonight, wish I was able to go! I think it’s fine not to have a rest day as you’re making sure you do short distances in between the longer ones. That’s what makes this such a challenge aswell! Sprints will help your overall average pace to improve so make the most of it. Good luck x

  3. abradypus says:

    I’m with you completely on the whole not-taking-a-day-off thing. Just remember, there is no minimum distance (well, that I’ve found) so you can take it easy without forfeiting your £30.

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