Janathon Day 10

Uh oh, after last night’s run, injury struck. I was half expecting to get an injury to my knee, or my shin or something, but no, I injured my shoulder! It has to be from running as that seems to be all I am really doing lately, even though I am only doing a couple of miles every day. I had today off work anyway to revise for tomorrow’s geology exam, but my shoulder was giving me so much pain every time I moved. After a hot bath, some pain killers and loads and loads of magic gel on it I wondered how on earth I was going to run tonight.

I got changed into my running gear and practiced a little bit of jogging around my front room and figured that I would be able to run as long as I didn’t move my arm. I was joining the beginners course again with the club so really didn’t want to miss the first one.

There were 17 people who turned up for the course, some of which were complete beginners and some that used to be a member of the club but hadn’t run for a while. We were split into 4 groups depending on our running experience – I joined the group who were able to run 2 or 3 miles without walking. We did a nice circular route which went passed the hospital, passed the train station and then up the killer hill back to the rec. The others in the group started going at a pace that was a bit quick for me so I hung back a bit but they must have slowed down (or did I speed up?) as we all finished the last section in a group which was really nice. Hopefully we will be able to go a bit further next Monday. For the first part of tonight’s run I did keep my arm and shoulder really still which must have looked a bit strange, but it soon started to feel ok once I got warmed up. The pain started to come back again when we were stretching after the run which was probably when the painkillers started to wear off. I am sure it will be ok in a couple of days (fingers crossed). At least it took my mind off my aching legs. 


Distance: 2.6 miles

Time: 30:59

Average Pace: 11:56 

Best Pace: 10:13

Calories: 329

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6 Responses to Janathon Day 10

  1. fortnightflo says:

    Well done on fighting through the injury, good luck for your exam tomorrow.

  2. how did you hurt your shoulder? it sure seems like this should be easier, given that there’s no distance requirement for each day! 🙂 i pulled the same calf muscle i pulled 5 days ago and had just nursed back to health. sure looking forward to that half marathon this weekend now! 😉 hope your arm starts to cooperate soon!

  3. shazruns says:

    Well done for turning out despite the injury. Hope all goes well today

  4. abradypus says:

    Hope your exam goes/went well.

  5. iRun iTri says:

    Good luck with the geology exam.
    Geology’s a bit like running you get hard bits & even harder bits

  6. Impressed by your Janathon determination – we’ll be a walking wounded gang of bloggers by the end of all this!

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