Janathon Day 5

It was really nice this evening to run with some of the others from the club as I have not done this for ages. Unfortunately I got very out of breath during the run so I struggled to chat to the others. We did an effort session so we ran for about 20 minutes until we got to a big hill (I stopped my watch at this point so the stats below don’t include running up and down and up and down the hill). I must admit that I didn’t put in as much effort on the hill as I could have done as I wanted to save my legs for the rest of the Janathon.

I am hoping to run the route into town again tomorrow but pick the pace up a bit as I want to start improving a bit more.


Distance: 2.89 miles

Times: 35:10

Average Pace: 12:09

Calories: 361




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1 Response to Janathon Day 5

  1. sarah says:

    Well done Suzie! Yes, good to do the shorter distance if you want to go faster.

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