Janathon Day 4

Today I went for a run straight after work. The second I walked in the door I went upstairs and got my running stuff on. I knew that if I went and sat down on the sofa then it would have been a struggle to go out and do the run.

Even though it was dark when I got home I decided to do the other route that I know. Instead of going through town I went the other way passed the fields and towards the next villages. During the day this is quite a nice route and it is almost like being in the countryside – although in the dark it was a little boring as there was nothing to look at to take my mind off running (and no, there were no sheep today). At least in town there are people and pubs and a river with ducks as a distraction.

It did feel as though my pace was a bit better, particularly for the first mile but I didn’t feel like I could run any further and my legs wouldn’t let me sprint back to my house once it was in sight.

I am running with the club tomorrow evening so it is likely to be a bit further – which I know I need to start doing.


Distance: 2.11 miles

Time: 24:51

Average Pace: 11:48

Best Pace: 10:45

Calories: 262

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2 Responses to Janathon Day 4

  1. fortnightflo says:

    Hey, so what if you didn’t sprint – it’s Day 4 and you got out there – well done!

  2. kathryn says:

    I don’t reckon the pace of distance matter too much, especially in the early stages of Janathon. There’s a whole lot more of the month left to go, so starting slowly and gently seems like a good idea. Well it’s what I’m doing anyway!

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